Titanic evening rounds-off EAAP2016 in style

Delegates at this year’s EAAP conference have enjoyed a spectacular evening at one of Belfast’s most famous visitor attracts.

Almost 800 attendees gathered experienced an unforgettable gala dinner at Belfast’s iconic Titanic Exhibition Centre, built in honour of the famous ship which was built in the city.

As well as getting to sample some of Northern Ireland’s finest food in the centre’s Titanic-inspired dining room, delegates were treated to a special tour of the centre, which has recently been crowned one of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The fascinating exhibition showcases the craftsmanship and skills which go into shipbuilding, and commemorates the people who lost their lives on the ship’s tragic voyage.

As the final social event of EAAP2016, the conference’s organisers used the opportunity to express their thanks to delegates for making the event such a special one.

Sinclair Mayne, head of the conference’s organising committee, said it had been a huge privilege to showcase Northern Ireland agriculture to so many delegates from almost 60 countries.

“We have been hugely proud to welcome you all here to see some of the fantastic work that’s being done here and in the rest of the UK in driving forward innovation and animal production.

“The key theme of this conference has been around sustainable food production and the role livestock can play in that.

“We hope through this event we have shown that together we can do the work to help us achieve those goals.”

Liam Sinclair, President of host organisation the British Society of Animal Science, said the conference had been an excellent opportunity for scientists from around the world to come together and share ideas.

“It’s through collaboration that we are going to come up with the ideas we need to overcome the challenges we face.

“Events like EAAP2016 are vital to help us have those discussions and find ways to take them forward in future.”

For more pictures from the evening, plus photographs from the rest of the conference, visit the EAAP2016 Facebook page